Dementia care coaching works a little differently than personal coaching.  Before our first session I will ask you to complete and submit a questionnaire about the person in your life who is living with dementia. This will help me get acclimated to your situation – specifically where in the progression of dementia your person is at this moment, what you notice about your interactions with your person and the main challenges you are facing today as a care partner. Nothing too onerous, it’s only a dozen questions.

Dementia care coaching is also more instructive than personal coaching. In many cases I will be giving you answers rather than helping you find them yourself, which is a leading principle of personal coaching. As well, I may be training you on techniques to help daily activities go more smoothly. In this process, I’ll be helping you understand the world through the eyes of your person living with the disease by educating you about what is happening to the brain when dementia is present. Finally, I’ll be supporting you emotionally in your role as care partner.

If you live within a fifty mile radius of Winder, GA 30680 a personal visit to meet your person living with dementia may be desirable. We will work all this out during your first session.

After scheduling a session, I will send you an email with the access instructions to join our private and confidential meeting room.

You will need a computer with camera, mic and a stable internet connection for all sessions.