Congratulations for digging deeper to find how coaching might help you!

You probably would have gotten here much sooner if you’d known what to expect – from coaching and in your coach. But laying cash down on the barrel to schedule a session with someone you’ve never met to talk about things that are very important to you, and often personal, just seemed like too great a risk.

That’s why your first session is 100% refundable.

If it’s a fit and you draw value from the exchange, we’ll reserve a regular day and time for your 60 minute private coaching sessions at my regular fee of $100 per session. Each session is paid for individually. Private coaching clients are not obligated to a minimum number of sessions at New Street Coaching.

But if it’s not a fit, simply email me within 48 hours (including weekends) of your session and I will refund your money within one business day.

You came here looking for a clear path forward. Take the first step. Schedule your introductory, risk-free session now :)


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Those that have experienced my coaching and creative problem solving skills say these things about me:

“Cloud comes out as a good solid listener and coach. Lots of empathy. Great questions. She is a great coach.” (Daniel B.)

“Great empathetic listening and questioning.” (Maria S.)

“Loved your active listening and allowing the space to say what needed to be said.” (Brina)