“5 x 5” Caregiver Training Course is a 360-degree approach to dementia caregiver training, covering knowledge about dementia and its progression, skills to work more effectively with the person living with dementia and emotional support for caregivers and care partners. “5 x 5” is a one-on-one coaching course in which we work with a specific set of material and apply it to the learner’s individual situation.

The content is structured as follows.

5 Brain Functions This section explores how the person living with
dementia experiences and processes the world
around them.
5 Behaviors Using what we know about how the brain changes
as dementia progresses, we’ll examine some key
challenging behaviors to understand their under-
lying causes.
5 Caregiver Skills Building on the two prior sections, clients learn
new skills to work more effectively with the person
in their care in healthy or in challenging behaviors.
5 Stages of Grief This portion of the content is usually covered
simultaneously with those above, but this emotional
component is provided whenever needed during
the course of the program. This portion addresses these stages with respect to the caregiver and their person living with dementia.
5 Self Care Acts As above, this component is adressed throughout,
since caregivers typically need an accountability
partner for self care during every phase of the

“5 x 5” is a seven-session program. Five sessions, as above, last 90-minutes each and are usually scheduled weekly. Two 60-minute sessions are provided in which we will explore topic(s) to be determined by the learner in a personal coaching format. All sessions are private and confidential. Included in the program:

  • 7.5 hours of private, live instruction
  • 2 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • 5 x 5 workbook
  • 5 x 5 self-quizzes
  • membership to online support group (coming 1Q 2020)
  • subscription to monthly newsletter for articles, downloads and research news
  • participants who complete the program will have lifetime access to unlimited one-on-one coaching at $75 per session for themselves, and one (1) free session for a sibling, child, or other family/friend caregiver.

The total program cost is $550.

“5 x 5” is packaged in this way because as your dementia caregiver coach I can be most effective if we use a comprehensive approach: knowledge, skills and emotional support. All participants receive a workbook useful to accompany the content/discussion in our meetings and for guided reflection in-between.

That said, if you want to tailor the approach to better suit your situtation, simply contact me to initiate a discussion about your needs and how I might be able to help.