I can help you master new information and skills to greatly improve how you interact with and care for a person living with dementia. Whether you are a family member, neighbor, friend or professional aide, you will benefit from this program by

  1. gaining confidence in your ability to handle what comes at you
  2. increasing your ability to effectively communicate and understand the person in your care
  3. improving outcomes in daily activities in which you support that person
  4. finding greater enjoyment interacting with that person
  5. reducing the stress associated with dementia caregiving or care partnering

Whether I’m working with individuals or groups, I have found that my proprietary “5 x 5” program is the most comprehensive approach and creates the best value for dementia care partners.

However there are several ways I can coach you to develop knowledge and skill. For example, I tailor one-off sessions for groups with more focused needs. These may be informational, skills-based or both. When educating in a group setting like this, sessions are highly interactive.

Sample session titles include

  • 10 Warning Signs
  • Understanding Alzheimers and Dementia
  • 5 Key Brain Functions Affected by Dementia
  • 5 Behaviors and 5 Skills
  • Caring for the Care Partner
  • GEMS(R) – Working with Your Person in Every Stage of Care
  • Communication Strategies for Caregivers