As a care partner (read why our industry is moving toward Care Partner, and away from Caregiver, here) you have certain activities that must be accomplished every day with your loved one living with dementia. And you want the time spent together to be as peaceful and joyful as possible. Learning caregiver skills can be a game changer.

The skills aspect of dementia caregiver coaching will help you adjust your interactions and techniques as you notice how the progression of dementia changes the way your person thinks, behaves and remembers.

I will teach you five major skills that will help you meet the person in your care where they are and use what they still have to participate in daily activities and find joy in every day. These five skills build from each other and once mastered, become major building blocks to the person-centered care you can provide.

Please note: To get the most value from these skills and training sessions, it is helpful to learn the five key brain functions that change with dementia.

Want to learn these skills? You can find out more here.