I am certified by the Teepa Snow Positive Approach® to Care Institute as an Independent Caregiver Trainer. I am also an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (I have always felt strongly about the power of certifications and bring that professional inclination forward to coaching).


In New Street Coaching I combine these skills and techniques with my talents for empathy and leadership and my passion to answer my calling, to help close the knowledge and understanding gap between those living with dementia and the people that love and care for them.

The value I uniquely bring to dementia caregiver coaching is in my years of experience (1) applying the creative problem solving process to achieve powerful outcomes, (2) training people to apply acquired knowledge and (3) caring for my persons living with dementia.

As a personal coach clients have said, “Cloud asks the right questions” and “she helped me see my problem in a new and useful light” and “Cloud helped me find a solution I could not see for myself”.

Now I turn my energies toward helping families and individuals cope with the progression of Alzheimer’s or other dementia in a family member or client. Dementia caregivers I am supporting say, “Trainer was excellent!”, “Cloud brought a lot of comedy to a subject that is really sad –  I really enjoyed this training”, and “Cloud was very well prepared.”

I may be able to help you too.